Summer session and the KU Core

This list highlights some of the summer courses — taught online or on campus — that satisfy KU Core goals. For a full list, see the course catalog and use the “More Options” function to search for KU Core courses; if you’re ready to enroll, you can do so at Enroll & Pay.

Course Course Title Commonly Offered Online
AAAS 103 Introduction to Africa x
AAAS 320 African Studies In:  
AAAS 323 African-American Studies In: Topic to be determined  
AAAS 555 African Film  
ABSC 100 Introd Applied Behavrl Science  
ABSC 150 Community Leadership  
ABSC 160 Intro Child Behavior&Develpmnt  
ABSC 304 Prin&Procdr Bhvr Modfctn&Thrpy  
ABSC 308 Research Methods & Application  
ABSC 310 Building Healthy Communities  
ABSC 360 Drugs, Addiction, and Behavior  
ABSC 535 Developmental Psychopathology  
AMS 100 Introductn to American Studies x
AMS 110 American Identities  
AMS 330 American Society  
AMS 332 United States in Global Contxt  
AMS 344 Case Study in Americn Studies: Topic to be determined  
AMS 696 Studies in: Topic to be determined  
ANTH 100 General Anthropology  
ANTH 104 Fundmntls Physical Anthropolgy  
ANTH 106 Introductory Linguistics  
ANTH 108 Intro to Cultural Anthropology  
ANTH 160 Varieties of Human Experience  
ANTH 301 Anthropology Through Films  
ANTH 304 Fund of Physical Anthropology  
ANTH 308 Intro to Cultural Anthropology  
ANTH 315 The Prehistory of Art  
ANTH 360 Varieties of Human Experience  
ANTH 418 Summer Archaeologicl Field Wrk  
ANTH 484 Magic, Science, and Religion  
ANTH 502 Tpc Anthropological Linguistc: Topic to be determined  
ANTH 619 Fld Concpts&Mthds Geoarchaelgy  
ARAB 110 Elementary Arabic I  
ART 131 Fundamentals of Ceramics  
ART 132 Fndamntls Metlsmthg/Jewelry  
ART 300 Special Topics in Visual Art: Topic to be determined  
ART 395 Study Abroad Topics in: Topic to be determined  
ART 500 Adv Special Topics Visual Art: Topic to be determined  
ATMO 105 Introductory Meteorology x
ATMO 220 Unusual Weather x
BIOL 100 Principles of Biology  
BIOL 102 Principles of Biology Labortry  
BIOL 105 Biology Orientation Seminar  
BIOL 240 Fundamentals of Human Anatomy  
BIOL 241 Human Anatomy Observation Lab  
BIOL 246 Principles of Human Physiology  
BIOL 247 Prncpls of Human Physiolgy Lab  
BIOL 350 Principles of Genetics  
BIOL 400 Fundamentals of Microbiology  
BIOL 402 Fundmntals of Microbiology Lab  
BIOL 417 Biology of Development  
BIOL 418 Laboratory in: Topic to be determined  
BIOL 420 Seminar: Topic to be determined  
BIOL 599 Senior Seminar: Topic to be determined  
BIOL 600 Introd Biochemistry, Lectures  
BIOL 647 Mammalian Physiology Laboratry  
BIOL 650 Advanced Neurobiology  
CEAS 200 Topics in East Asian Studies: Topic to be determined  
CER 208 Ceramics I  
CER 515 Advanced Ceramics I  
CER 520 Advanced Ceramics II  
CHEM 135 General Chemistry II  
CHEM 150 Chemistry for Engineers  
CHEM 335 Organic Chemistry II  
CHEM 336 Organic Chemistry II Laboratry  
CHEM 698 Undergraduate Research Problms  
CLSX 148 Greek and Roman Mythology x
CLSX 375 Studies in: Topic to be determined  
COMS 130 Speaker-Audience Communication  
COMS 201 Introduction to Leadership  
COMS 210 Comunctn Orgnztnl&Prfsnl Cntxt x
COMS 244 Intr to Intrpersnl Comm Theory  
COMS 246 Intr Intercultural Communicatn  
COMS 310 Intr Organizational Communictn x
COMS 330 Effective Business Communicatn  
COMS 331 Persuasive Speaking  
COMS 332 The Rhetorical Tradition  
COMS 335 Rhetoric, Politics &Mass Media  
COMS 356 Intr Bhvrl Rsrch Mthds in Comm  
COMS 560 Seminar in:  
DRWG 213 Life Drawing I  
EALC 520 Entrepreneurship in East Asia  
ECON 142 Principles of Microeconomics x
ECON 144 Principles of Macroeconomics x
ECON 522 Macroeconomics  
ECON 526 Introduction to Econometrics  
ECON 582 Economic Development  
ECON 680 Economic Growth  
ENGL 101 Composition x
ENGL 102 Critical Reading and Writing x
ENGL 203 Topics in Reading and Writing: Topic to be determined x
ENGL 209 Introduction to Fiction x
ENGL 210 Introduction to Poetry x
ENGL 306 Global Environmental Literatre x
ENGL 314 Major British Wrtrs after 1800  
ENGL 315 Studies in British Literature  
ENGL 320 American Literature I  
ENGL 325 Recent Popular Literature  
ENGL 332 Shakespeare  
ENGL 355 Nonfiction Writing I  
ENGL 362 Foundatns of Technical Writing  
ENGL 590 Studies in: Topic to be determined  
EVRN 148 Scientfc Princpls Envrnmt Stds  
EVRN 150 Environment, Culture & Society  
EVRN 170 Introdctn to Kansas Landscapes  
EVRN 171 Understandng Kansas Landscapes  
EVRN 172 Kansas Landscape Projects  
EVRN 304 Environmental Conservation  
EVRN 320 Environmental Policy Analysis  
EVRN 385 Environmental Sociology  
EVRN 420 Topics Environmental Studies:  
EVRN 460 Field Ecology  
FMS 200 Film and Media Aesthetics x
FMS 275 Basic Video Production  
FMS 302 Undergraduate Studes Semnr in: Topic to be determined  
FMS 312 Hist Intrntl Sound Flm to 1950  
FMS 313 Hst Intrntl Sound Flm Pst 1950  
FMS 380 American Popular Culture of: Topic to be determined  
FMS 410 US Diversity in Visual Culture  
FMS 544 African Film  
FMS 592 Documentary Film and Video  
FMS 675 Problms Basic Video Production  
FREN 230 Intermediate French I  
FREN 240 Intermediate French II  
FREN 375 Intermediate French Conversatn  
FREN 376 Advanced French Conversation  
GEOG 100 World Regional Geography  
GEOG 102 Principles of Human Geography x
GEOG 104 Principl of Physical Geography x
GEOG 148 Scientfc Princpls Envrnmt Stds  
GEOG 304 Environmental Conservation  
GEOG 379 Topics in Cultural Geography: Topic to be determined  
GEOG 395 Environmental Issues of:  
GEOL 101 The Way The Earth Works  
GEOL 105 History of the Earth  
GEOL 302 Oceanography x
GEOL 360 Field Investigation  
GEOL 560 Introductory Field Geology  
GEOL 561 Field Geology  
GEOL 591 Topics in Geology:  
GERM 104 Elementary German I  
GERM 201 Intermediate German I  
GERM 202 Intermediate German II  
GERM 222 Special Studies in German:  
GERM 375 Topics in Film Grmn-Speak Erp: Topic to be determined  
GERM 400 Introd German Lit Masterpieces  
GERM 453 Investigation and Conference: Topic to be determined  
GIST 535 Lit&Soc Cntmporary Middle East  
HA 311 Art&Architecture British Isles  
HA 315 The Prehistory of Art  
HA 567 Contemporary Art  
HA 100/300 Intro to Western Art History x
HIST 115 Fr Rev-Presnt:Europe 1789-Pres  
HIST 118 History of East Asia  
HIST 128 Histry of US Through Civil War  
HIST 308 Key Themes Modern Global Hist  
HIST 340 History of the Second Wrld War  
HIST 341 Hitler and Nazi Germany  
HIST 348 Histr of the Peoples of Kansas  
HIST 353 Indigenous Peoples of North Am x
HIST 390 Topics in: _____ Topic to be determined  
HIST 510 Topics in: Topic to be determined  
HNRS 492 Topics and Problems on: Topic to be determined  
HWC 204 Western Civilization I x
HWC 205 Western Civilization II x
JWSH 341 Hitler and Nazi Germany  
KOR 104 Elementary Korean I  
LA&S 150 Academic Success Seminar  
LA&S 292 Topics and Problems on: Topic to be determined  
LA&S 490 Internship Exploration  
LA&S 492 Topics and Problems on: Topic to be determined  
LA&S 494 Senior Seminar in Liberal Arts and Sciences x
LING 106 Introductory Linguistics  
MATH 2 Intermediate Mathematics  
MATH 101 College Algebra x
MATH 104 Precalculus Mathematics  
MATH 105 Introduction to Topics in Math x
MATH 115 Calculus I x
MATH 116 Calculus II  
MATH 121 Calculus I  
MATH 122 Calculus II  
MATH 220 Applied Differential Equations  
MATH 223 Vector Calculus  
MATH 290 Elementary Linear Algebra  
MATH 365 Elementary Statistics x
MATH 526 Appld Mathematicl Statistics I  
MATH 590 Linear Algebra  
PHIL 148 Reason and Argument x
PHIL 160 Introduction to Ethics  
PHIL 360 Moral Issues in Business x
PHIL 368 Moral Issues in Sports x
PHSX 114 College Physics I  
PHSX 115 College Physics II  
PHSX 201 Calculus Suppl College Physc I  
PHSX 201 Transition to General Physics  
PHSX 211 General Physics I  
PHSX 212 General Physics II  
PHSX 216 General Physics I Laboratory  
PHSX 236 General Physics II Laboratory  
PNTG 263 Painting I  
PNTG 300 Special Topics in Painting: Topic to be determined  
PNTG 364 Painting II  
PNTG 500 Adv Special Topics Painting: Topic to be determined  
POLS 110 Introduction to U.S. Politics x
POLS 150 Introd to Comparative Politics x
POLS 170 Intro to Internationl Politics x
POLS 320 Introduction to Public Policy  
POLS 521 Rhetoric, Politics &Mass Media  
PSYC 102 Orientation Seminar Psychology x
PSYC 104 General Psychology x
PSYC 120 Personality x
PSYC 200 Research Methods in Psychology x
PSYC 210 Statistics Psychological Rsrch x
PSYC 318 Cognitive Psychology x
PSYC 333 Child Development x
PSYC 350 Abnormal Psychology x
PSYC 360 Social Psychology x
PSYC 375 Cognitive Neuroscience x
PSYC 465 Stereotyp&Prejudc Across Cultr x
PSYC 492 Psychology and Social Issues  
PSYC 502 Human Sexuality x
PSYC 535 Developmental Psychopathology  
PSYC 566 Psychology and the Law  
PUAD 332 Quantitatve Methd Public Admin  
PUAD 694 Tpcs in Public Administration: Topic to be determined  
RUSS 110 Intensive Elementary Russian  
SOC 104 Elements of Sociology x
SOC 110 American Identities  
SOC 130 Comparative Societies  
SOC 150 Self and Society  
SOC 160 Social Problms&American Values x
SOC 308 Principles of Family Sociology  
SOC 330 American Society  
SOC 332 United States in Global Contxt x
SOC 340 The Community  
SOC 352 Sociology of Sex Roles  
SOC 385 Environmental Sociology x
SPAN 111 Intensive Elementary Spanish  
SPAN 212 Intermediate Spanish I  
SPAN 216 Intermediate Spanish II  
THR 304 Study Abroad Topics in: Topic to be determined  
WGSS 101 Intro Wmn,Gndr,&Sexulty Stds x
WGSS 327 Perspctv Lsbn,Gay,Bisxl&Trngdr x
WGSS 333 Politics of Physicl Appearance x

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